About the Museum – How did it Happen?

Sock Monkey Museum - My Sock monkey

The Sock Monkey that started the Museum was discovered at a Cracker Barrel General Store in 2006. He was not vintage, or handmade, but nevertheless lovable, with an endearing look about him. His given name was a descriptive one – Sock Monkey. He could not imagine what adventures lay before him. He would become the mascot on countless trips and outings for the family who rescued him. There are hundreds of pictures to prove it! Come and see the wall with photographs of him all around the USA and Canada.

Sock Monkey Museum - Long Grove, IL 60047

The family knew that Sock Monkey was just the tip of the iceberg – he had more close family, friends, distant relatives, and ancestors out there…..somewhere. So began the quest to find other Sock Monkeys and bring them together, to seek them out and assemble a blended family of old and new. They may have been surgically mended, cosmetically enhanced, or remain as they were originally made, but these things are for sure: No Sock Monkey left behind. We’re putting the band back together. You get it.

The collection began to come together, from estate sales, garage sales, antique stores, previously amassed collections, heartwarming gifts, generous donations and of course – the internet. The monkey reunion needed an entire building of its own – to spread out and to keep growing. The collection continues to expand, as more Sock Monkeys find their way to the Museum. For the last 16 years, Sock Monkey has been fortunate to discover over 2,000 relatives. They now reside together in downtown Long Grove, Illinois.

Sock Monkey Museum - Long Grove, IL 60047